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Friday, November 17, 2006

MPACUK - "We are at war"

There's some great stuff on the MPACUK website, and they're meant to be "moderate" (but, hey, they all are, aren't they?) I like this one calling for jihad in the UK but it stops suddenly just it gets into the swing (in CAPITALS - I assume he's raging at this point and may have burst a blood vessel [wishful thinking]) although the opening paragraph pretty well summarises the whole thing: "MPAC’s world view is simple. We are at War.". The "moderate" headlines on their front page are always worth viewing.

Update: more news about those "moderates" at MPAC in Al-Guardian, of all places.

Update: one of MPACs responses to all this new Islamophobia. Just what is "the cause of British Muslims"? Sharia law? Islamic state? Or just mass murder on the buses?


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