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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Ongoing Jihad in Africa (you'd never know)

The usual lack of MSM interest in the ongoing Jihad spreading from Somalia. Today, the BBC reports (minimally) that several peace-loving Muslim countries are supplying arms to the Somali Islamists (who are controlled by the Somali government). Of course they are - there's a war on. Don't expect to hear much more about this. The only thing that's likely to be reported are the symptoms (e.g. arms trading, dead children, refugees) rather than the cause - international Jihad.

Update: it's also being reported that Iran sent Somali Jihadis to participate in the Israel/Hizbullah so-called "33 [or 34] day war" (opinions appear divided over how long it lasted)

Update: Islamists no longer hiding their agenda: Shabelle, Santa Barbara News-Press (!)

Update 23 Nov: While the western world denies it, Ethiopia knows what's coming.


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