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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Five charged over "sex grooming"

A documentary about this was dropped two years ago because it was deemed to be inflammatory. Whadyaknow - it was true.

Update 24Dec06: Police investigate child abuse in northern town. Two years too late. If this was a white paedophile ring I think we'd be hearing more about this.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow do u really have nothing better to do w/ ur time....or is your heat taking over u???? I personally I vote for both....go get a job please...and a good one...could you also go to some education along the way...anything will do...even grade one....u r sad...honestly u r....I am not going to steep as low as u did because I am better…but let me say one last thing….u r very ignorant! More than u think!

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