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Thursday, December 07, 2006

UN backs peace force for Somalia


The BBC title for their leading graphic:

"Somali women take part in a demonstration against the US-led proposal

The resolution was adopted unanimously but the important thing we must all remember is that it's a "US-led resolution". This is to give the Islamists an excuse, which will be acceptable to the idiot-Left, for not accepting the UN force. It's not that the UN is weak and toothless, it's those nasty Zionists. The US should just back out of having anything to do with Somalia so that we can all see how useless the UN is. This new proposal doesn't even include any non-African forces - the previous stumbling-block for the Islamists accepting peacekeepers.

"However, observers believe it will be a long time before any peacekeepers arrive and say the UN resolution may be primarily intended to show symbolic support for the government." There's a limit to how much symbolic support can do against machine guns.

"The peacekeepers are likely to face strong opposition from the Union of Islamic Courts" - of that there can be no doubt.

"The UIC has declared "Holy War" on Ethiopia" This might be the first time this fact has been acknowledged?

"I think the choice of doing nothing is really not a choice at all." But it's the only choice the UN will make because doing anything else will enrage Muslims the world over.

Update: Islamist warning for Somali force, "We see this as creating instability in Somalia" - who would have thought? It's never going to happen so this matters little.


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