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Monday, January 29, 2007

Factions clash in Gaza violence

At least five people have died in continuing clashes between Hamas and Fatah fighter in the Gaza Strip overnight.

Spreading peace and tolerance wherever they go.

"Fighting between the governing Hamas faction and Fatah has left at least 30 people dead since Thursday"

And just to prove the religion of peace hasn't lost sight of its reason for existing: A suicide bomber attacked a bakery in the southern Israeli town of Eilat, killing three people.

A worthy death - its family will doubtless be suitably proud. Allah Akhbar, indeed.

And in the clamour for recognition: "Three separate Palestinian militant groups have reportedly said they were behind the attack". Me, me, me.

Haven't they run out of virgins in paradise yet? Virgins are pretty much a single use item after all. 70 per mass-murderer must be rapidly depleting stocks. I wonder if Allah doesn't prefer boys and the whole virgins-for-martyrs line is just a cunning marketing campaign to get some fit young men into paradise. Just a thought. I'd be feeding the remains of suicide bombers to pigs - maybe that would act as a deterrent.


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