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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Muslims 'refuse anti-MRSA gel'

...because it contains alcohol. Then they shouldn't be allowed on the wards. (USSNeverdock)

And here's MPACUK's take on the story. The usual quality comments which must be read.

"How many non-muslims do NOT wash their the hands after using the toilet?? Wont they be the likely cause for spreading germs? How many muslims have suffered from MRSA? Significantly alot fewer than non-muslims!"

"Practicing Muslims have got the most clean and sterile hands on earth...It[water] is enough to clean and clear the germs medically and there is no need for any Gel" (and that's from someone claiming to be a spokesman for the Islamic Medical Association)

"Personally I cannot stand the smell of porcetta [pigs/pork], it makes me vomit and I can small [sic] it on my friend"


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