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First and foremost, the most significant thing you can do is stop buying their oil. Get rid of your car or make the switch to a non-mineral oil alternative. Avoid buying goods from Muslim countries. On a local, personal level, do not frequent Muslim-run businesses (they don't really want your custom anyway). Let your wallet do the talking.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

MPACUK: Message To Muslims: Stop Apologising!

They've been apologising? Somehow I missed that. The comments, as always, are excellent. A visit to the MPACUK site always does wonders for my Islamophobia. The BNP might want to consider including a link.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Hurray! We're Capitulating!

Spiegel Online, in two parts. Well worth reading.

French killed in Saudi shooting

Perhaps if it was as precarious for Muslim immigrants to the west as it is for non-Muslims in Muslim countries, Islam would have at least some incentive to change.

A road sign from the apartheid state of Saudi Arabia (via LGF):

Monday, February 26, 2007

Iranian MPs enraged over test accused of mocking Muhammad

This is a strange one - even stranger because it's in Al-Guardian. I'm not really sure what to make of it.

Cleric loses deportation appeal

Hurray! Finally something that Amnesty International can complain about that doesn't involve Israel! Poor Abu. (Don't hold your breath, he hasn't been deported yet).

Digg: Muslims on YouTube organizing to censor videos that criticize Islam

By way of an update to this story from last week, I spotted this article bobbing around on Digg at the weekend.

Unfortunately, Digg has also been hijacked by the hate-filled Lefties.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Terror threat worst since 9/11

From The Telegraph. It's inevitable; I wish they'd just get on with it.

Friday, February 23, 2007

British Multiculturalism - One Man's Experience

A letter from "Doug" to Western Resistance adequately sums-up the state of Britain:

"I have learned a lot, I have lived with the Muslims, I have learned that they have no desire to integrate into European culture or the European value system, I have learned that they have no interest in UK culture or anything else, they have Islam. Islam consumes them, it owns them, and it is them. That is what they are they are Muslim, a Muslim is loyal to Islam, Islam is a theocratic ideology, its goal is the spread of Allah's will, this task is the task of all Muslims. Muslims engage with us the "Kuffar" Not because they want to, but because they have to, if they did not have to they wouldn't."

Read it all.

Muslims: 'Ban' un-Islamic schools

From the Daily Express, an update on this story from the Wednesday, with more information on those un-Islamic classes I wondered about.

"The report, Towards Greater Understanding - Meeting The Needs of Muslim Pupils In State Schools, says all schools should bring in effective bans for all pupils on “un-Islamic activities” like dance classes."

That should be "Towards Greater Understanding (of Islam) - Meeting The Needs of Muslim Pupils In State Schools (while suppressing the needs of everyone else)"

"When swimming is allowed, boys should wear clothing covering their bodies “from the navel to the neck”, even during single-sex pool sessions, while girls must be covered up completely at all times, apart from the face and hands."

I would pay to see a bunch of schoolgirls trying to swim while clad from head to foot in black bags.

"It wants Arabic language classes for Muslim pupils, and says the Koran should be recited in music classes. And all schools should ensure they have prayer rooms with washing facilities attached"

"In art classes, Muslim children should not be allowed to draw people, as this is forbidden under some interpretations of Islamic law."

"And while the MCB insists that all British children should learn about Islam, it wants Muslims to have the right to withdraw their children from RE lessons dealing with Christianity and other faiths." Right, that's reasonable.

"The MCB says special treatment and opt-outs are necessary because otherwise Muslim pupils will feel excluded from school activities and lessons."

Embracing the culture that openly want to destroy us. Life if Britain just keeps getting better and better (for those of the correct religious persuasion).

Update 26Feb: From the BBC: Don't panic, "there was no reference that I could find to the Taleban anywhere in the report". That's alright then - everything else still stands.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Iran 'failed to meet UN deadline'

This is most unexpected and may possibly lead to the possibility of the UN possibly discussing the possibility of possible further sanctions...possibly. I bet they're shaking in their sandals.

Islam No Longer Taboo

From Germany, some healthy ridiculing of idiocy - I approve.

Concern over Iraqi chemical bombs

What, haven't they heard of the Geneva Protocol? Of course not. Like "Human Rights" and "tolerance", these are Western ideals.

Blair defiant over Iraq security

Time to pull out and let them get on with the long-established Islamic tradition of finding new and imaginative ways to butcher each other.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Schools 'should accommodate Muslim needs'

What can I say? No mention of what happens to art, music and the rest of the unislamic classes. We seem to be rapidly dropping any notion of integration it favour of special treatment.

"Tahir Alam, who wrote the report, said: "It's not about special or separate treatment. It's about recognising the needs of Muslim children." and "accommodating" them.

Schoolgirl loses veil legal case

A 12 year old with "deeply held beliefs".

It's a difficult one, when members of her community believe it's acceptable to murder women who don't wear the veil or are too "western".

Don't the boys just outright object to being taught by female teachers?

Friday, February 16, 2007

Jerusalem prayers pass peacefully

I'm not interested in this story - the whole furore is nothing but Islamist propaganda. It's the fact that nothing more than the peaceful passage of Friday prayers - in one of Islam's holiest places - warrants a news report. Indicative of the underlying problem that, for whatever reason, Friday prayers in the Muslim world usually means violent protest, death and destruction.

Allah "the merciful"

An Iraq report from C4's extreme Left-wing, early evening magazine programme, The Jon Snow Show (they must have run out of arts reports on London opera and the Tate Modern) which includes this letter distributed in Baghdad:

"Final warning, leave or we will cut your tongues out, behead you, and eradicate your whole family. Signed in the name of Allah the compassionate, the merciful."

Mmmm, smell the compassion. Laughable - if it wasn't so horrific.

Of course, this report isn't about the nonsense spouted endlessly around the world in the name of Islam, it's about the Zionist American troops not stepping in to stop the poor "freedom fighter" getting a beating.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

YouTube Censors Islam Critic?

(Via Dhimmi Watch) I suspect this will have been an organised "action alert"-style-thing from the Religion of Peace - only they are allowed to use the Koran to preach hate. Given the amount of anti-American, anti-Israel, pro-jihad content on YouTube I'm surprised they had the nerve to pull this one - it's nothing but quotes from the Koran. Still available to view here.

Creeping apartheid state

No, nothing to do with the Joooz. A father in London turns up to a "parent and toddler" swimming session only to find that it's Muslim only. Apartheid's good when it suits them. Check with your local pool to see when the next Christian-only session is scheduled.

Sharia Chic

From London fashion week (via LGF: Seventh Century Chic). All the fashionable ladies will be wearing it this summer - whether they like it or not. She's showing a bit too much forehead for my delicate sensibilities- where's my whip.

Monday, February 12, 2007

MPACUK - fund the Jihad, not charity

The MPACUK front page always oozes love and peace - it's difficult to know where to start. Here the peace-loving multiculturalists urge their fellow UK Muslims to contribute to Jihad - it's their first duty, don't you know.

"In a time of Jihad it is fard [duty] for Muslims to fund the struggle.

Islamic scholars in the west are afraid they will be locked up if they tell the public this. A legitimate concern, until you realise jihad can be done politically here in the UK with far greater benefits to the ummah and its legal and the most desirable form of defence the Ummah can have."

And here, the "Muslim brotherhood" myth is further exploded after fellow BNP activist, Anjum Choudhry (standard random name spelling), had a go at MPAC and the MCB for not being - I don't know - Islamic enough? I don't think they know how to respond.

(Since it now seems to be acceptable to refer to white people as dogs and pigs, I suppose it must be OK for whites to reciprocate? This kind of name calling used to be "racist".)

Update 02Mar07 - I've just noticed they've renamed this article "Is Funding Jihad More Important Than Charity In Islam?". (The answer is yes.)

Muslim top 100 list is published

The "Muslim Power" 100. Cat Stevens?! It Doesn't surprise me that there's a Muslim at the head of Amnesty International - certainly explains this non-charitable, elite lawyers organisation's stance against Israel and reluctance to comment on the human rights violations in almost every Muslim country around the world.

Try as I might, I am unable find the full list.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

A courageous voice against the Muslim bullyboys

A voice in the wilderness. Taking her life in her hands. This must be the "moderate Muslim" we've heard so much about. (Hat tip: JR)

Heads down the toilet

Photo-op: Hamas and Fatah leaders take turns at licking a stainless steel urinal.

"I can hear the sea (it's not going to flush, is it?)"

Who owns the hand that's pinching the Hamas leader's fat rolls?

Friday, February 09, 2007

What is this "Palestine" anyway?

Nothing but justification for Islamic terrorism around the world. Facts that the media choose to ignore.

Behold the manifest evil

It's Piglet!

Probably a Mossad agent; almost certainly a Zionist; undoubtedly evil.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

Instead of giving in to this lunacy, these people should be ridiculed at every opportunity.

Have M&S been forced to cease production of their [Racist, Fascist, Islamophobic, Zionist, etc.] Percy Pig and excellent Fizzy Piglets yet?

The Telegraph: Making a pig's ear of defending democracy

Five men charged with terror offences

One with plotting kidnap. What's this? But I thought they were poor innocent victims - some other Muslims assured me that was the case, why would they lie? This being a "police state", I expect them to be summarily executed. As Anjam Choudray (BNP campaigner) told us only yesterday with regard to his chum, Izzadeen: all we have to do is change our foreign policy and all our laws then these Muslims would be innocent. A simple solution but I have another, better one.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Ex-terror plot suspect speaks out

"police state" (yet another phrase that the Left (and the extreme Right in this instance) are redefining and turning into a mantra to be repeated ad-infinitum), "virtual torture", "affect me for the rest of my life" poor, innocent, victimised Muslims; you get the idea. No surprise there.

Of course, if it really was a police state, he'd still be in jail and we might never hear from him again. As it is, our ridiculous legal system defends his rights. They should think themselves lucky it's absolutely not a police state.

"I was looking for weapons, I didn't see any and that cooled me down a bit" - I assume he means he rummaged in his bedside cabinet for a grenade before realising that the kids had been practising with them earlier, leaving him unarmed.

How are we going to reimburse him for the 10 years he's aged through this ordeal? Free plane ticket to Saudi Arabia for him, his family and all his friends?

I'd like to hear all of these terror suspects candidly discussing being defended by that Gareth Peirce creature - that's a woman, you know.

"Mr Bakr is studying for a PhD in Political Islam at the city's university." Say no more. Does anyone offer a doctorate in Political Christianity?

Isn't it time we spared a thought for the poor, victimised paedophiles? (2)

School edits controversial books

There was nothing wrong with the text books, the passages were "taken out of context", "lost some of their meaning", and were "misinterpreted" but the passages will be removed anyway.

"The head insisted pupils were never taught religious hatred or intolerance." - It's just inherent in the Islamic education system.

Update 10Feb: BBC Newsnight - more examples of how to misinterpret out of context hatred.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Pilot projects target extremism

More appeasement. "We welcome any initiative that puts resources into local communities to tackle the issues that we face. But we need a lot more money than this.". They must be laughing all the way to the bank.

Row over Saudi school textbooks

What's this - Infidelophobia lessons in an Islamic school in London? How can this be? Islam is usually so tolerant. Oh, I see, everything is being "taken out of context" (as usual). Ah yes, it all makes sense now: it's just our Islamophobia again.

Update: BBC Newsnight report, on YouTube (via LGF and Kasper). Watch the director of the school squirm.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Evil, Zionist, Bushitler propaganda

Nothing to see here, here, here or here, just more evil, Zionist, Bushitler propaganda victimising the poor Muslims. Repeat after me: Islam is the Religion of Peace and poses no threat. Move along.

Cleric airs 'police state' fears

Not some Imam this time - The Archbishop of York says anti-terror measures are moving the UK towards becoming a police state.

More of this PC nonsense: Islamic terrorism is fine, it's our response that's the problem.

Tense calm follows Gaza fighting

It's a day so it must be time for yet another "fragile Gaza ceasefire". Maybe this is meant to be a joke. How many inevitably short-lived "fragile Gaza ceasefires" do we need before the reality will dawn? Only 23 dead during the last "ceasefire".

Friday, February 02, 2007

Angry Muslims told to stay calm

Representatives of the criminal underworld are calling for calm among Birmingham criminals as police investigate crimes. Many criminals resent being arrested for their crimes.

"This unfortunate country is moving towards a police state - the laws being passed are wrong and unfairly victimise criminals"

In the meantime, the West Midlands force has been trying to reassure criminals that arrests are targeted at specific criminals - not the general criminal community.

(I paraphrase)

Websites denounce British Muslim soldiers

Of course they do. "...Muslims must avoid harming and fighting other Muslims." - Good luck with that. Hopefully more and more people are waking up to Britain's/Europe's/The World's big problem (and I don't mean the Joooz).

Ten die as Gaza truce collapses

BBC. I nearly fell off my chair with surprise.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Kidnapping plot search continues

I wouldn't normally bother commenting on this story - if the security services believe they have credible information pertaining to Islamist activities I absolutely expect them to act - even if they might not be able to prove it - and as long as the poor, innocent, victimised Muslims aren't blowing themselves up on public transport and only want to kill their "brothers", that's fine by me.

The only reason I mention it is because of an interesting fact from The Sun (via LGF and Jawa Report) that the bookshop raided yesterday was previously owned by darling of the Left, "peace activist" and former Guantanamo Bay detainee (released over the objections of the CIA and FBI - now back in the UK claiming victim status ["jihad is a response to victimisation"]), Taliban sympathiser, fund raiser and "teacher", Moazzam Begg. The bookshop was raided under his ownership in 2000 and again three years later.

More on the bookshop at Telegraph.