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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Ex-terror plot suspect speaks out

"police state" (yet another phrase that the Left (and the extreme Right in this instance) are redefining and turning into a mantra to be repeated ad-infinitum), "virtual torture", "affect me for the rest of my life" poor, innocent, victimised Muslims; you get the idea. No surprise there.

Of course, if it really was a police state, he'd still be in jail and we might never hear from him again. As it is, our ridiculous legal system defends his rights. They should think themselves lucky it's absolutely not a police state.

"I was looking for weapons, I didn't see any and that cooled me down a bit" - I assume he means he rummaged in his bedside cabinet for a grenade before realising that the kids had been practising with them earlier, leaving him unarmed.

How are we going to reimburse him for the 10 years he's aged through this ordeal? Free plane ticket to Saudi Arabia for him, his family and all his friends?

I'd like to hear all of these terror suspects candidly discussing being defended by that Gareth Peirce creature - that's a woman, you know.

"Mr Bakr is studying for a PhD in Political Islam at the city's university." Say no more. Does anyone offer a doctorate in Political Christianity?

Isn't it time we spared a thought for the poor, victimised paedophiles? (2)


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