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Monday, February 12, 2007

MPACUK - fund the Jihad, not charity

The MPACUK front page always oozes love and peace - it's difficult to know where to start. Here the peace-loving multiculturalists urge their fellow UK Muslims to contribute to Jihad - it's their first duty, don't you know.

"In a time of Jihad it is fard [duty] for Muslims to fund the struggle.

Islamic scholars in the west are afraid they will be locked up if they tell the public this. A legitimate concern, until you realise jihad can be done politically here in the UK with far greater benefits to the ummah and its legal and the most desirable form of defence the Ummah can have."

And here, the "Muslim brotherhood" myth is further exploded after fellow BNP activist, Anjum Choudhry (standard random name spelling), had a go at MPAC and the MCB for not being - I don't know - Islamic enough? I don't think they know how to respond.

(Since it now seems to be acceptable to refer to white people as dogs and pigs, I suppose it must be OK for whites to reciprocate? This kind of name calling used to be "racist".)

Update 02Mar07 - I've just noticed they've renamed this article "Is Funding Jihad More Important Than Charity In Islam?". (The answer is yes.)


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