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Monday, May 28, 2007

Amnesty attacks Britain over Terror Act

Telegraph: "Amnesty International's new annual report on the world's human rights has devoted more space to Britain than Burma or Zimbabwe, it was revealed yesterday."

They've also compared Australia to Zimbabwe, PM John Howard to Mugabe and Amnesty's secretary-general called John Howard a blind coward. Incredible.

This non-charitable, elite international lawyers organisation knows it will get more money from its western supporters for attacking Britain, Israel and America than for concentrating on genuine "human rights" abuses. Those lawyers don't work for free you know.

The New York Sun: Scrutinize Amnesty International - "...the halo that surrounds its reports and campaigns is beginning to fray, as the evidence of political bias and inaccuracy mounts."

Update 05Jun07 - The True Genesis of Amnesty International


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