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Thursday, May 10, 2007

'Jihadi Mouse' recruited by Hamas

"Hamas, the extremist Palestinian organisation, has been denounced as “pure evil” for creating a television show in which a Mickey Mouse-style character calls on children to help Muslims become the “masters of the world” and violently resist Israel.

Saraa asks a young viewer by telephone how she would “sacrifice her soul for the sake of al-Aqsa” mosque in Jerusalem. “I will shoot,” says the girl, “we will annihilate the Jews... I will commit martyrdom.”

Farfour then tells the child that becoming “masters of the world” requires everyone to be happy with Arabic, which “once upon a time ruled this world”."

They do not deserve your sympathy or support.

(It has been taken off Al Aqsa TV and "placed under review."... now that decision has been reversed)

Update 11May07 - Incredibly this video has been pulled from YouTube "due to terms of use violation". With this and their enthusiasm for pulling anti-Jihad videos, one of their terms of use must be "cannot show Islam for the death-worshipping, murderous cult that it is". Still available to watch at LGF.


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