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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Holy Smoke - Mosque funding madness

"Why is the official body representing Britain’s Churches funding the activities of a radical mosque?

Ihsan Mosque in Norwich posts some pretty strong stuff on its website, including an anonymous blog that sneers at “democracy’s decomposing entrails” and calls on Muslims to “anticipate and pursue the demons in our midst”.

But those demons presumably do not include the Churches’ Commission for Racial Justice, whose Racial Justice Fund subsidises children’s holiday activities run by the Ihsan Mosque.

I discovered this when I read the fine print of the risibly politically correct media pack produced for the Churches’ Racial Justice Sunday on September 9. This describes Ihsan Community Project as “a vibrant voluntary project started by a group of Muslim women… who wanted to make a positive contribution to the wider community both as Muslims as well as Black people. Ihsan provide holiday projects for local young people, theatre workshops, education outreach in local schools…”.

Outreach? I bet it reaches out, given the vigorously proselytising nature of some of the mosque’s material."

Christian naivety. They'll still be turning the other cheek when their necks are being hacked at with a machete.


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