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Friday, June 22, 2007

Why the West must stay true to itself

I've had to all but stop reading The Guardian because of their unflinching position as apologists for Islamic extremism, but here's one of the rare, sane articles (albeit just in the "Comment" section) this otherwise jihad-friendly publication occasionally prints, presumably to represent some vague pretence of "balance".

Needless to say, the reader comments expose the more natural disposition of the publication: evil Joooz, poor Palis, etc - the usual meaningless soundbites. The whole article will be wasted on the usual readership who'll keep the fingers in their ears and hold it as further proof of Al-Guardian's goose-step march towards Fascism. If only that were true.

"Britain's relationship with its Muslim community is not getting any easier. Many Muslims want to build mosques, schools, and adhere to Islamic dress codes with ever more energy. But that energy also derives from the same culture and accompanying institutions that produced British-born suicide bombers. The space in which to argue that Islam is an essentially benign religion seems to narrow with every passing day.
Those who think that what we are observing is solely a blowback against Western foreign policy, the invasion of Iraq and Israeli's treatment of Palestinians vastly underestimate the profundity of what is happening - or the possibility of changing it by changes to foreign policy. The tensions between Islam, the British and the West have much deeper roots."


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