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First and foremost, the most significant thing you can do is stop buying their oil. Get rid of your car or make the switch to a non-mineral oil alternative. Avoid buying goods from Muslim countries. On a local, personal level, do not frequent Muslim-run businesses (they don't really want your custom anyway). Let your wallet do the talking.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Academics oppose Israel boycott

"Thousands of academics from around the world have condemned plans for a UK boycott of Israeli institutions over its treatment of the Palestinians."

"Should the UCU go forward with a boycott of Israeli academics and institutions, the end result will be a self-inflicted wound on British academia."

Unfortunately, "British academia" is already mortally wounded.

Salmond and Muslim leaders unite

"First Minister Alex Salmond is due to meet Muslim leaders in the wake of the Glasgow Airport attack."

I'm confused. If, as we've been told (repeatedly, ad-infinitum), the attacks have "nothing to do with Islam", why isn't he meeting Buddhist, too?


Why are we so scared of offending Muslims?

Christopher Hitchens at Slate, via LGF. Because everyone should read it.

"No, I do not think for a moment that Mohammed took a "night journey" to Jerusalem on a winged horse. And I do not care if 10 billion people intone the contrary."

"The enemies of intolerance cannot be tolerant, or neutral, without inviting their own suicide." - which is the current state of affairs.

(more Fighting words at Slate)

Monday, July 30, 2007

Catholics to harvest virtual souls in Second Life

"Missionaries have been urged to scour the virtual world of online computer games in an attempt to convert cyber souls."

How long until the first virtual suicide bombing??

Update 02Aug07: Virtual terrorists - Apparently it's been happening in Second Life and World of Warcraft for months: "This terror campaign, which has been waged during the past six months, has left a trail of dead and injured, and caused hundreds of thousands of dollars' damage."

Update 06Aug07: The Times has picked up on it as well: Virtual jihad hits Second Life website.

MP learns Hindi

So it can communicate with its constituents. Well, we can't expect them to learn English, that's just racist. Needless to say it's a LibDem (or is that DimLib...or LibDimmie).

"Brent East MP Sarah Teather is using the parliamentary recess to brush up her language skills.

Brent is one of the most ethnically diverse areas in the country, with 55% of residents at the last census registering as being from black and ethnic minority backgrounds.

Local Liberal Democrat MP for Brent East Sarah Teather said, "Brent's diversity is one of the best things about living here. I am so proud to be part of such an exciting and unique community.

"It's important that an MP is able to represent and communicate effectively with every single one of their constituents. Lots of people aren't confident about speaking English."

Many Asians 'do not feel British'

Many Greeks do not feel British. Reason? Who knows. We are not British and yet, for some inexplicable reason (probably down to Zionism) we do not feel British. A fine example of cognitive dissonance.

"38% of the UK residents of South Asian origin felt only slightly or not at all British."

Couldn't be because they're not British.

"Yet 84% were satisfied with life in Britain and almost half thought they have more opportunities here."

I should say. They know which side their bread is buttered on.

"Half of the South Asians and nearly two-thirds of the white people interviewed agreed it was too easy for immigrants to settle in Britain."

Half of immigrants believe immigration is too easy - that's ironic.

"Three-quarters felt their culture was being diluted by living in the UK and nearly half believed white people do not treat them as British."

Their culture has been "diluted" by moving to the UK. Terrible. We're such racists.

There's even a convenient picture of some of these Brits who, try though they might, just can't seem to feel, for some unknow reason, British.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Concerns grow over the standard of virgins awaiting martyrs in paradise

Maiden-aunts eagerly await their assigned martyr.

They're promised 72 virgins, it doesn't say that they have to be continent and have their own teeth. Is their gender even specified?

UN body criticises Sudan abuses

The UN Human Rights Committee criticises Sudan for what it says are widespread and systematic abuses just a day after a draft Security Council resolution to authorise deploying a joint UN-African Union peacekeeping force in the Darfur region was watered down to remove the threat of sanctions.

Left hand/right hand.

Don't worry, they might be ready to do something by the end of December. (this year?)

Pope's aide warns of 'threat by Islam'

"Attempts to Islamise the West cannot be denied"

Though many continue to try.

Lawyers sap our will to combat terrorism

"Many jihadis seek to create a global caliphate, ruled by Sharia. At best, Christians, Hindus, and Jews would live in a state of submission tantamount to second-class citizenship. If they got above themselves, they would suffer the persecutions Islamists visited on the Coptic Christians of Egypt. The rule of Islamists has resulted in murderous chaos – 150,000 died in Algeria during the 1990s when madmen decided that most of the Muslim population were apostates. The Taleban anti-state so ruined Afghanistan that Americans joked that they had to bomb it forwards to the Stone Age. There are significant numbers of people living in Britain who wish to visit such chaos on us.

This is the backdrop to the debate about anti-terrorism legislation.

One rarely hears the truth spoken about lawyers in this arena. Michael Burleigh at TimesOnline names the usual suspects who defend Jihad.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Car bombings kill 50 during celebration of football unity

"The Beautiful Game, regarded in Iraq as a rare unifying force, was drenched in blood yesterday when two car bombs targeting football fans exploded in Baghdad, killing at least 50 people and wounding more than 135."

Not content with bombing religious gatherings, markets and children's hospitals, it seems there are no depths to which representatives of the Religion of Peace will not stoop in the name of Allah ("the compassionate").

BBC - Iraq bombs strike football fans.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Few Muslims 'back suicide bombs'

Perhaps they've learned that stating gleeful support for terrorism in a poll for western eyes doesn't play well with the western audience - especially since so many of them want to move here.

However, the headline claim of the BBC article that "Few Muslims 'back suicide bombs'" is somewhat misleading (you will, no doubt, be surprised to hear) since the survey shows that, throughout the Muslim world, significant proportions remain supportive of suicide bombing. In Turkey, for example, - our would-be partners in the European Union - the survey reveals an increase in support for suicide bombing, not to mention a growing hostility towards the West. (Quick, let them in)

The ongoing indoctrination of the death-cult-Palis is clearly a big success with a vast majority still believing that suicide bombing is something they and their children should aspire to. (Quick, give them a state)

In most Muslim countries, solid majorities express positive opinions of Hezbollah and Hamas.

A growing number of Muslims recognise the increasing problem of violence between Sunni and Shia. (They should recognise it, they're part of it)

The decline in confidence in Osama Bin Laden can surely be put down to the fact that he's been dead for a year - even the Muslims aren't that stupid. (Hmm)

(Full survey PDF)

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Addiction and Its Mechanisms of Defense

Here's an interesting article (via Battle For Britain) on "Addiction and Its Mechanisms of Defense". It presents an incredibly accurate description of what goes on every day on Neo-Comm, left-wing, anti-war, anti-bush, anti-American, if-you're-anti-it-we've-got-it blogs like the Daily Kos and other such havens of truthiness. It's well worth reading - even if you only make it through a couple of paragraphs. You might not feel better about the clear level of psychosis prevalent on the Left but it will at least re-assure you that their actions are in some way attributable to mental illness.

Cannabis 'raises psychosis risk' - Daily Kos readers, this means you.

Execution in the Islamic Republic

Lifted off the ground by a crane and suspended until dead - strangulation, not hanging - to cries of "Allah is great". I wouldn't say this makes him look all that great but then I am still permitted to think for myself.

Also: Iran Reports Execution by Stoning

And: Iran executes 12 criminals by hanging

Update 02Aug07:

Death verdicts for Iran reporters - "Iran has sentenced two dissident journalists from its ethnic Kurdish minority for being "enemies of God".". God loves a good execution.

Iran executes nine more criminals - " far 143 have been executed in 2007"

Monday, July 23, 2007

Failed asylum seeker jailed for child rape recieves £50,000

"A failed asylum seeker jailed for child rape is to receive around £50,000 in damages after a judge ruled he had been unlawfully kept behind bars while the Home Office tried to deport him to Somalia.

He won the payout despite being offered the opportunity to go voluntarily - but he preferred to stay in a British prison with free bed and board.

The pay-out is all the more astonishing because the authorities effectively have little choice but to keep him in prison.

He cannot be let out on to the streets in Britain because he is considered a danger to the public - especially women.

But equally, it is very difficult to deported him back to Somalia, despite failing in his asylum application.

It's time we gave up incarcerating criminals - it's an infringement of their civil liberties, after all.

4,000 in UK trained at terror camps

"Up to 4,000 Islamic extremists have attended terrorist training camps in Afghanistan before returning to Britain, security chiefs have revealed."

They've got the training, they've got the will and they've got the support of a majority of their community.

Large swathes of the UK are already under enemy occupation and with thousands of suicidal Jihadi militia waiting for their moment what can we do except concede defeat, since we're clearly not going to do anything to resist this military invasion.

We should take a leaf out of Chavez's book - the Left love him: Chavez to expel foreign critics - "No foreigner can come here to attack us. Anyone who does must be removed from this country"

Turkish PM vows to pursue reform

"Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan has vowed to continue reforms and efforts to join the EU, following his party's sweeping victory in general elections."

The Islamists are firmly in power in Turkey and they're desperate to be "part" of the EU.

"We will continue to work with determination to achieve our European Union goal"

Could be the first Islamic republic in Europe, unless Britain or France beats them to it.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Veiled protest as race-hate Muslims are jailed

Representatives of the occupying enemy forces demonstrate their respect for British law outside the Old Bailey. They should have herded them onto boats.

"Might I suggest you use your nightstick, officer."

Bin Laden died of AIDS

Reports are coming out of Pakistan that Osama Bin Laden, who died several months ago, was, in fact a rampant homosexual and died of an AIDS related illness. In newly discovered footage from a previously deleted section of an old Bin Laden video, in between the usual incoherent rants about Joooz, the sheikh shuffles uncomfortably on his seat and talks to someone off camera:

In this later clip - which was also cut-out by the Jihadis because it was deemed to be too far off-message - the line is unambiguous:

(note the gesture) It casts a whole (or should that be "hole") new light on a section from a later Al Zawahiri video which was previously taken to be some sort of coded message to Jihadis:

So there you go, he didn't die in a glorious Jihad battle against the infidel invaders but, by Allah's will, of being shagged up the arse by his dirty mujaheed brothers. Probably.

Update 27Jul07: Mixed feelings outside Pakistan's Red Mosque as to whether to fist or finger:

It is obligation to fight the jihad

The Jawa Report has an interesting recording of Mizanur Rahman (jailed for six years for soliciting to murder, after taking advantage of the right to free speech in our liberal democracy [sorry, Fascist Police State] to urge fellow members of the occupying forces, attending the Danish embassy cartoon protest, to bomb the UK) while out on bail.

Totally innocent. Peace and love to all mankind. Religion of Peace, etc., etc.

LGF has the recording as an MP3 if you have a problem with the Quicktime version at The Jawa Report.

Update: The Quicktime version is no longer available at The Jawa Report so you'll have to use LGF.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

UK monitoring 30 terror cells, 2000 suspects

"Britain's security services believe up to 30 Islamist militant cells are plotting attacks and they are monitoring 2000 suspects and another 2000 sympathisers
There are 30 that are actually being looked at very closely indeed because they have got to the stage where they are gathering materials and doing things which could lead in fairly short term to doing something if they wanted to."

The BBC barely touches on this: "with police monitoring about 200 groupings or networks "which to varying degrees are threatening our society""

A burgeoning fifth-column with more being welcomed with open arms every day.

Let me hear you say "religion of peace; there is no threat".

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Amnesty urged for 500,000 illegal immigrants

Lunacy, but that's the state of the UK.

The illegal invasion and occupation of the UK goes from strength to strength.

Time to drive out the invaders before the enemy forces are too great.

I trust the insurgency here will receive the same support from the "Left" as it has in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Opposition to Darfur resolution

Surely not!

"A draft Security Council resolution to authorise deploying a joint UN-African Union peacekeeping force in Sudan's Darfur region has run into opposition"

Meanwhile in Libya, UN-style "success" as talks make progress towards setting up future talks.

Zawahiri prepares to unleash a wave of terror

...the likes of which has only ever been seen in Kabul's more 'exclusive' nightclubs

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Amnesty seeks UN probe on Lebanon

For "Lebanon" read "Israel".

"Amnesty warned that without such an inquiry there was a risk of another war breaking out."

Solve the problems of the Middle East with a UN enquiry. As simple as that? Well, we'd be foolish not to do so. I'm going to assume that Travesty employees are not really this stupid, but I suppose they certainly could be.

"The report urges the UN Security Council to impose an arms embargo on both Israel and Hezbollah"

Well, for what it's worth, we're already paying for a UN "security force" to stop arms going to Hezbollah (UN team: Arms smuggling into Lebanon unstoppable).

"And it said Hezbollah should provide information about the two Israeli soldiers it captured in the cross-border raid, which started the fighting."

No demand that they should be freed, just "provide information".

Bid to ban 'racist' Tintin book

"Tintin in the Congo has already been moved to the adult section over complaints that its content is racist.
"How and why do Borders think that it's okay to peddle such racist material?""

I bet Enid Blyton's in their sights.

The Commission for Racial Equality ought to pay a visit to some Muslim book shops.

Update 08Aug07: The insanity rolls on: "Belgium's state prosecutor is investigating the country's cartoon hero Tintin for racism after a complaint from Congolese student."

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

How the Left reversed history to bring Judaism under attack

The state of "Judaeophobia" in the UK; Richard Littlejohn in the DailyMail. His Channel 4 documentary is well worth watching and is available on YouTube (for the moment, at least) in 6 parts.

Failed 21/7 bombers jailed for at least 40 years

Heroes of the Muslim wing of the prison, their every "right" catered for; out in 5 for good behaviour; book deal waiting.

Bin Laden's Army

From Newsweek via USSnerverdock:"Unlike most Brits, I am not surprised that most of the terror suspects are doctors. As a teenager, I attended extremist Islamist meetings with tens of medical students at the Royal London Hospital. Islamists in almost every British medical school held similar meetings. At Britain's most prestigious engineering colleges, including Brunel University and Imperial College, fanatical Islamists with a worldview of separatism and violence recruited without impediment—yesterday's Islamists are today's terrorists."

Monday, July 09, 2007

Muslims declare sovereignty over U.S., UK

"Across town from the site of the recent attempted car-bomb attacks, several thousand Muslims gathered in front of the London Central Mosque to applaud fiery preachers prophesying the overthrow of the British government – a future vision that encompasses an Islamic takeover of the White House and the rule of the Quran over America."

""One day my dear Muslims," shouted Anjem Choudary, "Islam will govern Britain!""

"Abu Saif: "Brothers and sisters, make no mistake. Make no mistake. The British government, the queen, the MPs in this country, they are enemies to you, enemies to Allah and enemies to the Muslims.""

"Are we to say that Muslims can fully practice religion in America," he asked in an attempt to explain. "Say, for instance, I was a Muslim in America. Could I call for the destruction of the American government and establishment of an Islamic state in America? No. So where is the freedom of religion? There is none."

""There's nothing we can do to be friends?" Humphries asked.

Abu Saif replied: "There is something you can do to be friends. You can become Muslim.""

I must have missed the reporting of this gathering in the mainstream media. Religion of peace and tolerance.

Telegraph: Muslim peer likens Rushdie to 9/11 hijackers - Labour peer Lord Ahmed of Rotherham: "What would one say if the Saudi or Afghan governments honoured the martyrs of the September 11 attacks on the United States?" The answer, I guess, is that our children would blow themselves up in the street in protest - how could we expect them to do anything else.

Brainwashed children plead to die as martyrs in Red Mosque siege

"SAIMA KHAN wants to die a martyr. Life is transient, she told her father in a telephone call last week, and the real glory is to sacrifice it for Allah. Her statement would be alarming at any age, but Saima is only 10.

There was evidence that many had been brainwashed into a cult of martyrdom... In barely eight weeks, Saima had been transformed from a religious but fun-loving girl to a jihadi, grimly craving martyrdom...they said they preferred martyrdom to freedom."

Muslim children brainwashed into a cult of martyrdom at a Pakistan madrasah? Surely not! How can this be? An alarming new policy. It must be a Zionist conspiracy; that's the only reasonable explanation. They'll be blowing themselves up on buses next. (but only because I made them do it, obviously)

Islamic charity linked to car bomb suspect

"Sejad Mekic, the imam at the Cambridge mosque which Abdullah also attended, gave a sermon on Friday condemning all acts of terror.

However, he later said he had doubts that the incident at Glasgow airport was a terrorist attack, saying it could have been a car accident.

"I still haven't made my conclusion," he said.

When it was pointed out that containers of petrol were reportedly found in the car, he said: "Maybe they used to sell petrol.""

Doctors moonlighting as black-market petrol sellers. He forgot to mention the involvement of the security services/Joooz.

Terror debate raises stark views

I couldn't watch it.

Aamer Anwar, "leading human rights lawyer" says, "There is no justification for the murder of innocent people. The US and Israel, however, are equal to any 9/11 hijacker."

Or, to paraphrase, "Israel is an acceptable justification for the murder of innocent people"

And the usual empty claims that "Islam was a religion of tolerance, peace and diversity."

(Unless you're a Jooo or a Jooo-lover)

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Eight Al Qaeda fanatics working for the police

"Up to eight police officers and civilian staff are suspected of links to extremist groups including Al Qaeda.

Some are even believed to have attended terror training camps in Pakistan or Afghanistan.

Classified intelligence reports raising concerns about police staff's background cannot be used to justify their dismissal...Political correctness is blamed for the decision not to sack them."

Unfortunately, new EU laws dictate that they must be armed and sent to guard the Israeli embassy.

Also, BBC: Al-Qaeda 'bid to infiltrate MI5' - "Al-Qaeda sympathisers have been trying to infiltrate the British security service MI5". I have no doubt.

There's probably a positive discrimintation policy in place that states a certain proportion of police and security officers must be Islamists.

We deserve to die.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Hamas won the propaganda war this week

A worthy article by Gerard Baker, Assistant Editor of The Times, in TimesOnline (it wavers in the middle but recovers towards the end).

"We’ve had an exercise in good-cop, bad-cop with our Islamist friends in the past week. In London and Glasgow, the nutters – the scale of their murderous ambition matched only by their ineptitude with a car a mobile phone and a tankful of petrol – tried the explosive, take-no-prisoners approach to persuading the West to do their bidding. Over in Gaza, they’re a bit more sophisticated. They’ve figured out that, at least when it comes to Europeans rather than Israelis, the direct approach is less effective than the power of high-profile good deeds. Hamas prefers the take-prisoners-and-then-generously-let-them-go approach."

Thursday, July 05, 2007

BBC's Johnston wins Amnesty award

"BBC reporter Alan Johnston has been awarded a prize by human rights group Amnesty International, hours after he was freed by kidnappers in Gaza."

For bringing human rights abuses to light through his reporting.


There is no "backlash"

Since such a significant proportion of Muslims believe that 9/11, 7/7, the recent failed bombings in London and Glasgow - and, let's face it, pretty much everything else in the world - could not possibly have been the work of Muslims but were actually all the work of the government/security services/Joooz, I'm going to choose to believe that there are no racially motivated attacks as a result of these events and that anything claimed as a racially motivated response is, in fact, perpetrated by Muslims in an attempt to play the victim card (as usual) and garner sympathy.

MPs urging engagement with Hamas

"A group of British parliamentarians is calling for international engagement with the militant Hamas movement, after it helped free Alan Johnston in Gaza."

Hamas and the "Army of Islam" are one and the same. "Give us Johnston for propaganda purposes and we'll let you go free with your weapons intact." ("It is not Hamas’s policy to ban resistance groups, just as long as their weapons are not turned against Palestinians")

Unbelievable; humiliating, even. Hamas wangles a propaganda victory and we fall for it. The same Hamas that was throwing people off roofs and shooting protestors (facts evidently expunged from all existing BBC news reports).

Our politicians are spineless idiots. General election NOW!

Enforcing the smoking ban

The smoking ban came into full effect on 1st July. Glasgow airport would like to remind all Muslims to fully extinguish themselves before entering the terminal building.

"I is just getting my cases, man"

Islamic cross-dressing

Mosque leader in burqa escape bid - "The leader of a radical mosque besieged by Pakistani security forces in Islamabad has been caught trying to escape wearing a woman's burqa." (with crotchless fish-net stockings underneath)

Men disguised as Muslim women rob bank - "Two armed men disguised as Muslim women in burqas held up a bank in Sarajevo and got away with some $40,000, Bosnian police said on Tuesday."

Hero Cabbie: Police Took My Good Nike Trainers

"Dad-of-two Alex punched and kicked the two men after they crashed a Jeep Cherokee loaded with gas canisters into the door of Terminal One.

The 45-year-old booted one of the suspects, whose body was covered in flames, as hard as he could between the legs.

But the man didn't appear to feel the blow, and a police doctor told Alex later that he'd damaged a tendon in his foot.

And when he went back to the airport to pick up his cab, he was stunned to find that he'd been given a parking ticket."

And revealingly:

"I don't think the policeman I saw at the scene drew his baton during the whole thing. He should have given it to me - I'd have leathered those guys with it."

Perhaps the police officer was too concerned about being labelled a racist by The Guardian for striking a poor, innocent "Asian".

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The car bomb you are calling may be switched off - please try later!

Richard Littlejohn in the Daily Express tells it like it is. Barely a single dissenting comment. Everyone can see the problem but still nothing will be done about it. "Nothing to do with Islam - Buddhists pose just as big a threat".

Melanie Phillips also hits the nail on the head: Fatal flaws in our defence against terror

Nobody seems too concerned about what these would-be-mass-murderers were up to while working in the infidel hospitals "treating" the kuffar. Not to mention their access to chemical, biological and nuclear materials.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Nothing to do with "foreign policy"

"Former" Jihadist, terrorist recruiter and member of Al-Muhajiroun, Hassan Butt in Al-Guardian:

"When I was still a member of what is probably best termed the British Jihadi Network, a series of semi-autonomous British Muslim terrorist groups linked by a single ideology, I remember how we used to laugh in celebration whenever people on TV proclaimed that the sole cause for Islamic acts of terror like 9/11, the Madrid bombings and 7/7 was Western foreign policy.

By blaming the government for our actions, those who pushed the 'Blair's bombs' line did our propaganda work for us. More important, they also helped to draw away any critical examination from the real engine of our violence: Islamic theology.


And as with previous terror attacks, people are again articulating the line that violence carried out by Muslims is all to do with foreign policy. For example, yesterday on Radio 4's Today programme, the mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, said: 'What all our intelligence shows about the opinions of disaffected young Muslims is the main driving force is not Afghanistan, it is mainly Iraq.'

He then refused to acknowledge the role of Islamist ideology in terrorism and said that the Muslim Brotherhood and those who give a religious mandate to suicide bombings in Palestine were genuinely representative of Islam."

While I obviously agree with what he says, I'm not sure I believe his sincerity or motives. Anyway, it's unlikely to sway the Guardian readership from their support for Jihad - they "know" it's all the fault of Bush and Jooz.

Update 09Jul07: MPAUK think the "former" Jihadis are government lackies; "neo-con poster boys, in it for the book deals".