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Friday, July 20, 2007

Bin Laden died of AIDS

Reports are coming out of Pakistan that Osama Bin Laden, who died several months ago, was, in fact a rampant homosexual and died of an AIDS related illness. In newly discovered footage from a previously deleted section of an old Bin Laden video, in between the usual incoherent rants about Joooz, the sheikh shuffles uncomfortably on his seat and talks to someone off camera:

In this later clip - which was also cut-out by the Jihadis because it was deemed to be too far off-message - the line is unambiguous:

(note the gesture) It casts a whole (or should that be "hole") new light on a section from a later Al Zawahiri video which was previously taken to be some sort of coded message to Jihadis:

So there you go, he didn't die in a glorious Jihad battle against the infidel invaders but, by Allah's will, of being shagged up the arse by his dirty mujaheed brothers. Probably.

Update 27Jul07: Mixed feelings outside Pakistan's Red Mosque as to whether to fist or finger:


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