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Monday, July 09, 2007

Brainwashed children plead to die as martyrs in Red Mosque siege

"SAIMA KHAN wants to die a martyr. Life is transient, she told her father in a telephone call last week, and the real glory is to sacrifice it for Allah. Her statement would be alarming at any age, but Saima is only 10.

There was evidence that many had been brainwashed into a cult of martyrdom... In barely eight weeks, Saima had been transformed from a religious but fun-loving girl to a jihadi, grimly craving martyrdom...they said they preferred martyrdom to freedom."

Muslim children brainwashed into a cult of martyrdom at a Pakistan madrasah? Surely not! How can this be? An alarming new policy. It must be a Zionist conspiracy; that's the only reasonable explanation. They'll be blowing themselves up on buses next. (but only because I made them do it, obviously)


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