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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Few Muslims 'back suicide bombs'

Perhaps they've learned that stating gleeful support for terrorism in a poll for western eyes doesn't play well with the western audience - especially since so many of them want to move here.

However, the headline claim of the BBC article that "Few Muslims 'back suicide bombs'" is somewhat misleading (you will, no doubt, be surprised to hear) since the survey shows that, throughout the Muslim world, significant proportions remain supportive of suicide bombing. In Turkey, for example, - our would-be partners in the European Union - the survey reveals an increase in support for suicide bombing, not to mention a growing hostility towards the West. (Quick, let them in)

The ongoing indoctrination of the death-cult-Palis is clearly a big success with a vast majority still believing that suicide bombing is something they and their children should aspire to. (Quick, give them a state)

In most Muslim countries, solid majorities express positive opinions of Hezbollah and Hamas.

A growing number of Muslims recognise the increasing problem of violence between Sunni and Shia. (They should recognise it, they're part of it)

The decline in confidence in Osama Bin Laden can surely be put down to the fact that he's been dead for a year - even the Muslims aren't that stupid. (Hmm)

(Full survey PDF)


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