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Friday, September 21, 2007

Greggs Put In A Muslim Toilet...But They Don't Have Any Muslim Workers

"BAKERY bosses have installed separate toilets for Muslim workers - despite having none on the payroll.
Separate cubicles which have just a ceramic hole in the floor now sit alongside the normal loos, urinals and sinks in the factory in Cambuslang, near Glasgow."

So actually they've just taken the toilets out so the Muslims (who will, presumably, be taking over the factory at some point in the future) can crap through a hole in the floor. I wonder who actually owns Greggs these days?

Habib Malik of the ironically named "Islamic Relief" calls it "forward-thinking" - read into that what you will. I'd like to see a quote from the guy that grinds the pork for the sausage rolls.

(Hattip JR)


Blogger The Editor said...

I've also started a boycott campaign against Greggs.

Pass the word!

7:26 AM  

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