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First and foremost, the most significant thing you can do is stop buying their oil. Get rid of your car or make the switch to a non-mineral oil alternative. Avoid buying goods from Muslim countries. On a local, personal level, do not frequent Muslim-run businesses (they don't really want your custom anyway). Let your wallet do the talking.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Lessons in hate found at leading mosques

"Books calling for the beheading of lapsed Muslims, ordering women to remain indoors and forbidding interfaith marriage are being sold inside some of Britain’s leading mosques, according to research seen by The Times.

Some of the fundamentalist works were found at the bookshop in the London Central mosque in Regent’s Park, which is funded by the Saudi regime and is regularly visited by government ministers. Its director, Ahmad al-Dubayan, is also a Saudi diplomat and was among those greeting King Abdullah when he arrived in Britain last night for his official state visit.

Extremist literature, including passages supporting the stoning of adulterers and waging violent jihad, was also found on sale at many other mosques regarded as mainstream institutions.

More than 80 books and pamphlets were collected during a year-long project in which researchers visited 100 mosques across Britain."

Someone somewhere will be surprised.

'Hate literature easily found at UK mosques' - "Extremist literature that encourages hatred of gays, Christians and Jews can be easily found at many of Britain's mosques, according to a new survey.

Researchers for the centre-Right think tank Policy Exchange claims it found the literature in a quarter of the 100 mosques and Islamic institutions they visited.

Many of the publications allegedly called on British Muslims to segregate themselves from non-Muslims and for unbelievers to be treated as second-class citizens wherever possible.

The literature also allegedly contained repeated calls for gays to be thrown from mountains and tall buildings and for women to be subjugated."

Monday, October 29, 2007

Iranians' studies at UK universities 'sensitive'

"Dozens of Iranian students have been admitted to British universities to study nuclear physics and other branches of science and engineering that could be used to make weapons of mass destruction.

The revelation has raised questions about the consistency of government policy on Iran, whose government Britain is trying to prevent from developing nuclear weapons.
Figures obtained by the Conservatives show that this year, 60 Iranian nationals have been granted places at British colleges to carry out advanced research work in subjects covering nuclear physics and nuclear engineering. Another 30 Iranian nationals were listed as doing post-graduate work in subjects considered "proliferation sensitive" by British intelligence agencies."

Iranians study nuclear physics in Britain.

Muslim prisoners sue for millions after they were offered ham sandwiches for Ramadan

"Scores of Muslim inmates at a high security prison are set to launch a multi-million pound claim for compensation after they were offered ham sandwiches during the holy month of Ramadan.

They say their human rights were breached when they were given a special nightly menu - drawn up to recognise their specific dietary requirements - by officers at HMP Leeds last month."

I can't be bothered.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Migrant release 'must be banned'

"A Tory MP is calling for a change in the law after it emerged police routinely told illegal migrants to make their own way to an immigration centre.
In one case, three Iraqi migrants were apprehended by Northamptonshire police after a group of 16 jumped from a lorry.

They were released on advice from the Borders and Immigration Agency and told to "make their own way to the immigration offices in Croydon", said Mr Hollobone.

In another case, a group of African immigrants found hiding in the back of a lorry were dropped off by police at a railway station and told to make their way to the same immigration centre."

I'm sure they all dutifully made their way to the centre - why wouldn't they? The "you can't make it up" department are working overtime today.

Al-Jazeera 'on crusaders' side' over bin Laden

Two stories from the "you just can't make it up" department:

"Al-Jazeera, the controversial Arab satellite channel, has been denounced for siding with the “crusaders” after it broadcast a message from Osama bin Laden that made him appear unusually humble.

A stream of abusive and threatening messages was posted on the channel's website.

"God fight al-Jazeera”, read one message, adding that the station was a “collaborator with the Crusaders”.

Another protest said: “Al-Jazeera directors have shamefully chosen to back the Crusaders' side and the defenders of hypocrites and the thugs and traitors of Iraq.”

One furious message called al-Jazeera a “miserable fly in the rubbish” and said: “Your day will come, vile one. As long as we live you won't be safe, Jazeera.”

And equally silly: Man who had sex with bike in court - "A man has been placed on the sex offenders’ register after being caught trying to have sex with a bicycle." in his locked hotel room. If he'd been caught buggering a 16 year old boy it wouldn't have been a problem but this guy is clearly a threat to bicycles everywhere so he's on the sex offenders' register.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Feud 'hurting Palestinian rights'

"Fighting between the two main factions in the Palestinian territories is fuelling human rights abuses, a leading human rights NGO reports.

Amnesty International says illegal detentions and torture have become commonplace in both Hamas-controlled Gaza and Fatah's West Bank stronghold."

If only the Palis had the slightest notion of what "Human Rights" are.

Needless to say, Travesty International can't have a go at the poor Palis without mentioning what their financial backers consider to be the real problem:

"The ongoing factional struggle between Fatah and Hamas is having a dire effect on the lives of Palestinians, especially in the Gaza Strip, compounding and exacerbating the human rights and humanitarian crisis caused by Israeli military campaigns and blockades"

I feel more supportive of Israel with every passing day.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Lessing says 9/11 'not that bad'

"Nobel Prize-winning author Doris Lessing has said that the 11 September attacks were not as significant as the terror campaign waged by the IRA.

She acknowledged the events in the US on that day in 2001 were "terrible".

But she told Spanish newspaper El Pais: "Some Americans will think I'm crazy... but it was neither as terrible or as extraordinary as they think."

The 88-year-old added that "people forget" the IRA bomb attack on Margaret Thatcher's government in 1984.


Five people died and 34 were injured when an IRA bomb exploded in a hotel in Brighton where leading members of the Conservative Party - including Mrs Thatcher - were staying for their annual conference."

She used to be a hard-line Communist, now she prefers Sufism. I used to think that age brought wisdom - as I get older I realise this is not always the case.

Bin Laden: Fight Darfur peacekeepers

"Osama bin Laden has called for Muslims in Sudan to wage "Jihad" against peacekeeping forces in the country."

Jihad? In Sudan? Surely not. Something for the UN to look forward to.

Peacekeepers attacked in Somalia.

Bin Laden calls for jihad on Darfur force.

UK hosts forced marriage summit

"The UK is to share its experience in helping victims of forced marriages at an international conference on the best ways of dealing with the issue.

The agency said it deals with about 300 cases of forced marriage each year.

The scale of the problem in the UK remains unknown, but the FMU says it receives 5,000 contacts a year.

Foreign Office minister Meg Munn said: "These cases happen across the world. It's not a religious issue, it's not a cultural issue. This is a human rights issue."

Jail 'hardening' terror convicts

"Al-Qaeda prisoners in UK jails are being hardened instead of reformed, top Whitehall sources have told the BBC."

Any notion of "reform" is naive.

Jails adapted for foreign inmates - "The Prison Service has converted two jails so that they hold only foreign national prisoners, it is revealed."

UK population 'to rise by 10m by 2031'

Record immigration sees UK population soar

The decline of Western civilisation.

1,001 inventions mark Islam's role in science

or "Never mind the rampant blood lust, just be thankful for your coffee"

Super, Lovely. A marvellously contrived, overblown puff piece from The Scotsman on the wonderfully inventive religion that was Islam (up until about 400 years ago). The "1,001 Inventions" exhibition is now open at the Glasgow Science Centre - the exhibits on "Restoring the Caliphate" and "The Resourceful Mujahideen" should particularly appeal to Guardian readers.

I'm more concerned about the current popularity of encouraging their children to blow themselves up on buses but, hey, I'm just an Islamophobic Nazi.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Cars burnt after Amsterdam death

It's taken the BBC a week to get here, we shouldn't expect too many details.

"Police in the Dutch city of Amsterdam say several cars have been set on fire in the sixth night of unrest after officers shot a Moroccan man dead.

The 22-year old was killed after entering a police station where he stabbed two police officers."

The poor, innocent 22-year old was peacefully minding his own business when he was shot in self-defence by one of the officers he was stabbing - a female.

Real details here.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Muslim Tories: 'Iran has right to nuclear arms'

"A body set up by David Cameron to advise the Conservatives on Muslim issues has criticised the Government's relationship with Israel and concluded that Iran has "legitimate" reasons for wanting nuclear weapons.

The Conservative Muslim Forum also wants the compulsory history curriculum in schools changed to give "full recognition to the massive contribution that Islam has made to the development of Western civilisation".

It also argues that preachers who advocate a rejection of democracy and its institutions should not be denied entry into Britain.
The group calls on the party to be more sympathetic towards Iran. It says: "Given Iran's position in the Middle East, facing a nuclear-armed Israel, Iran appears to have legitimate reasons for seeking nuclear weapons for defensive purposes.""

After Israel threatening to wipe Iran off the map, it's easy to see what they mean. Clearly, support for extremism reaches the highest levels of our Muslim community. Still, on the bright side, at least some members of the Conservative Party still lean to the right.

Interesting statistic from elsewhere: "...the total number of books translated into Arabic yearly is no more than 330, or one-fifth of those translated in a small country like Greece.

Indeed, the total number of books translated into Arabic during the 1,000 years since the age of Caliph Al-Ma’moun [a ninth-century Arab ruler who was a patron of cultural interaction between Arab, Persian, and Greek scholars] to this day is less than those translated in Spain in one year."

Thursday, October 18, 2007

UN document confirms Israel hit Syrian nuclear reactor?

It seems that no matter how much the UN spends on interpreters it's just impossible for them to get Arabic translated "correctly".

Makes you wonder what else they're covering up. The UN has drastically exceeded its "best before" date.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Migration 'causes pressure in UK'

"Almost every UK region has difficulties in housing, health, education and crime because of increased migration, according to an official report."

Surely not. Notice it's not "immigration" but general "migration". Pretty soon they'll be able to blame all the problems of "migration" on the failure of natives to leave in sufficient numbers.

The BBC slant tries to make it sound like it's all EU migrants, apart from this one line:

"Three quarters of migrants come from the rest of the world."

My doctor hasn't been accepting new patients since August.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Anger over plan to dig up 350,000 bodies in historic London cemetery for Muslim burial site

It's not difficult to imagine the outrage were we talking about digging up a Muslim burial site to plant infidels. Would a liberal sprinkling of pork products (e.g. diced bacon, pigs blood, mashed-up black pudding) - that would inevitably be churned through the soil when the old graves are exhumed - kick this idea into touch?

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Iraq bomb in toy cart hits children in playground

"A bomb hidden in a cart of toys killed two children and wounded 17 others in a playground in northern Iraq on Friday, the first day of a national holiday to celebrate the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan."

Anyone who doubts the biased agenda of "news" organisations like Reuters should read this article. Don't be confused if you suddenly feel like you're reading about a different story - you are, but it's a story Reuters vastly prefer.

Deceiving the gullible

"Taqiyya (taqqiya): Dissimulation as sanctified hypocrisy. It is considered a part of Islamic strategy to lie and deceive unbelievers by any means. Thus exercising taqqiyah is very pious behavior. Veiling the truth: Adjustment, deception up to the open lie. -Taqqiya is attached, if it is helpful to the well-being of the religion -Islam (Khomeini). Sunnis will deceptively say that this goes only for Shiites."

Main Entry: dom·i·nate
Pronunciation: 'dä-m&-"nAt
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): -nat·ed; -nat·ing
Etymology: Latin dominatus, past participle of dominari, from dominus master; akin to Latin domus house
transitive verb

2 : to exert the supreme determining or guiding influence on
3 : to overlook from a superior elevation or command because of superior height or position
4 a : to be predominant in b : to have a commanding or preeminent place or position in
intransitive verb
1 : to have or exert mastery, control, or preeminence
2 : to occupy a more elevated or superior position

"Eyes have they and see not; Ears have they and hear not" - Psalm 115

Friday, October 12, 2007

Immigrant workers up by 70% under Labour

"The number of immigrant workers in Britain has increased by 70 per cent since Labour came to power in 1997, and there are now 1.9 million overseas employees, according to figures released yesterday."

It's racist for white British people to expect to find a job.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Army forks out for 95 hijabs

"Politically correct MoD officials are to issue free hijabs to female Muslim troops."

Devout enough to wear a Hijab yet unrighteous enough to serve in the kuffar army. Questionable on so many fronts. I wouldn't want them standing behind me with a gun.

Airport supervisor suspended for hanging picture of Jesus on staffroom wall

"A senior airport supervisor was suspended from his job after he hung a picture of Jesus on a staffroom wall.

Gareth Langmead was escorted from Manchester Airport and suspended from his job after a Muslim colleague complained about the image."

Of course, they can't just hang a picture of Mohammed beside it because that might start a riot, and it's a Manchester airport so it's bound to be largely staffed by Muslims.

Aid boom brings olive oil and cornflakes to Darfur

"While two million people languish in Darfur’s humanitarian camps, canny Sudanese businessmen are making a killing from the foreign aid workers who have flooded the region.
The AU has deployed 7,000 peacekeepers to Darfur, and there are hundreds more United Nations staffers – with a daily living allowance that runs to £80 in some cases."

'Lyrical terrorist' stored a library of hate, court told

"A worker at Heathrow airport who called herself the "lyrical terrorist" wrote a poem entitled How to Behead and another on martyrdom, a court was told yesterday.

Police discovered the poems and a library of documents relating to terrorism in Samina Malik’s bedroom in Southall, West London. One document in her handwriting read: "The desire within me increases every day to go for martyrdom, the need to go increases second by second."

Jonathan Sharp, for the prosecution, told the Old Bailey that Ms Malik, 23, liked to be known as the "lyrical terrorist" or "a stranger awaiting martyrdom". He said: "She is a committed Islamic extremist, who supports terrorism and terrorists. She had a library of material that she had collected for terrorist purposes.""

Just an airport employee. Still nothing to be concerned about.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Doc terror rant at NHS hospital

"POLICE were called in to probe an al-Qaeda outburst by a doctor during a Muslim prayer meeting at an NHS hospital.

Psychiatrist Eltigani Adam Hammad, 60, crowed about British and US deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Hammad – who qualified in Sudan – agreed to stop giving further addresses before Friday prayers at the hospital.

Police and hospital authorities decided he should NOT be prosecuted or disciplined.

Nothing to be concerned about.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Fear of giving offence is killing our culture

The very culture our tourist industry relies on.

(I'm not afraid of giving offence, by the way)

Muslim medical students refuse to learn about alcohol or sexual diseases

"Muslim medical students are refusing to learn about alcohol-related illnesses and sexually-transmitted diseases because they say it goes against their religious beliefs."

And in The Times, "Muslim medical students get picky".

Dirty kuffar. The only way to be safe in an NHS hospital these days is to tell them you're a Muslim.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Climate film allowed in schools

"Ex-US vice president Al Gore's climate change documentary can be shown in England's secondary schools, a High Court judge has said.

An Inconvenient Truth promotes "partisan political views" but it is not unlawful to show to students, Mr Justice Burton said."

When they're showing his "documentary", they should include this hilarious speech from 1992 in which the vice presidential nominee comes down on Bush Senior for not dealing with Saddam Hussein's obvious terrorist connections.

How times - and Democrats - change.

UKIP demands immigration 'freeze'

"The UK Independence Party says it would halt all immigration to the UK for five years if it won a general election.

Leader Nigel Farage will tell the party's annual conference in London that public services cannot cope with growing numbers of migrants."

I've always appreciated their disposition but I'm not sure I can vote for them.

We discovered the other day that at least one of our local GP surgeries has been obliged to stop taking new patients due to the influx of immigrants.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

My new shoes

He's got Islam on the soles of his shoes (a-wa a-wa)

Disrespecting Islam with every step. I now go out of my way to step in dog shit.

Much more comfortable than wrapping flags round your feet.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Muslim 'peace' adverts launched

"An advertising campaign promoting British Muslims as integrated citizens who reject extremism has been launched.

Islam is Peace - formed after the bombings in London in July 2005 - has initially placed adverts on the capital's buses and Underground trains.

They show a range of Muslims - including a policewoman, a Scout group and the chef Michael Barry - with the slogan "Proud to be a British Muslim".

Organisers say research shows many Britons associate Islam with terrorism."

Why would many Britons associate Islam with terror? It's a mystery. Perhaps, rather than targeting their propaganda at me, this money might be better spent trying to convince those members of the "Religion of Peace", who would blow themselves up on the same buses and trains now sporting these adverts, that Islam and terrorism don't go together.

Gaza's deadly guardians

"Hamas wants you to believe it has created a benevolent sanctuary where once chaos reigned. At the beginning of the journey into Gaza it’s easy to believe that things are better.
Then you start talking to people – in private.
Welcome to Hamastan.

Muslim checkout staff get an alcohol opt-out clause

"Muslim supermarket checkout staff who refuse to sell alcohol are being allowed to opt out of handling customers’ bottles and cans of drink.

Islamic workers at Sainsbury’s who object to alcohol on religious grounds are told to raise their hands when encountering any drink at their till so that a colleague can temporarily take their place or scan items for them.

Other staff have refused to work stacking shelves with wine, beer and spirits and have been found alternative roles in the company."

Constantly switching staff at the checkouts should speed things up.

Migrants 'reliant' on benefits

"The degree to which new immigrants rely on benefits and council housing has been revealed by a survey that looks at how much foreigners contribute to the economy.
Somalians rely heavily on benefits, according to the statistics - 80 per cent live in social housing and 39 per cent claim income support.

Nearly half of newly-arrived Turks - 49 per cent - rely on social housing, 52 per cent do not work and 21 per cent claim income support. However, 35 per cent are self-employed.

Other nationalities rely on sickness benefit - 10 per cent of those newly arrived from Pakistan claim it, along with nine per cent from Cyprus, and eight per cent from Kenya, Ireland and Jamaica."

Outrage at Darfur troop killings

"UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said the killings, which were blamed on splinter factions, were "outrageous".

At the UN, Mr Ban's office issued a statement condemning the attack "in the strongest possible terms" and demanding those responsible "be held fully accountable".

Next year the UN and AU will jointly deploy the world's largest peacekeeping force - 26,000 troops - to Darfur." (...probably)

"It will absorb the current force of 7,000 African Union troops, which has been struggling to protect civilians in the region.

AU-UN Joint Special Representative Rodolphe Adada labelled the weekend raid a "wanton and unprovoked act... that breaks every convention and norm of international peacekeeping"."

The UN flashes its gums. This "outrageous", "wanton and unprovoked act... that breaks every convention and norm of international peacekeeping" (whatever that means) is condemned "in the strongest possible terms" and those responsible must "be held fully accountable". That's the full extent of the UNs ability fully exercised.