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Friday, October 26, 2007

Migrant release 'must be banned'

"A Tory MP is calling for a change in the law after it emerged police routinely told illegal migrants to make their own way to an immigration centre.
In one case, three Iraqi migrants were apprehended by Northamptonshire police after a group of 16 jumped from a lorry.

They were released on advice from the Borders and Immigration Agency and told to "make their own way to the immigration offices in Croydon", said Mr Hollobone.

In another case, a group of African immigrants found hiding in the back of a lorry were dropped off by police at a railway station and told to make their way to the same immigration centre."

I'm sure they all dutifully made their way to the centre - why wouldn't they? The "you can't make it up" department are working overtime today.


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