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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Many dead in Afghan bombing

"Investigators at the scene of a suicide attack in Baghlan province, Afghanistan, on Tuesday Politicians and schoolchildren were among at least 40 people killed in a suicide attack in northern Afghanistan, hospital and provincial officials say.

"I saw bodies lying in the streets and some of the people were stealing the weapons of the dead soldiers," local resident Mohammad Rahim told Reuters news agency."

Fairly rapidly buried by the media - it was a "political attack" according to the BBC. Change the headline to "Many dead in US airstrike" and we'd undoubtedly hear much more about it, and instead of a couple of lines touching on the deaths of children ALL the victims would likely have been women and children (according to local sources).

Of course, the BBC want us to remember that: "Civilians have often been the victims of the violence in Afghanistan - not only in attacks by insurgents, but also in strikes by the foreign Nato and US forces in the country."

That's alright then.

Anyway, we shouldn't be too concerned about Muslims slaughtering Muslims - it's the will of Allah after all.


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