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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Blears rejects 'no go' area claim

"Extremists were a "tiny minority" who must be tackled head on, she said"

Why is it that the "tiny minority" rule only ever seems to apply to Islamic extremists? It's only a "tiny minorty" who threaten mass murder so we absolutely shouldn't do anything that affects the majority? On other far less threatening subjects the government seems quite happy to pass laws affecting the majority based on the acts of a "tiny minority": The ban on hand guns after "Dunblane", last years ban on the trade in anything that looks vaguely like a gun (including water pistols and cigarette lighters but not including chair legs); the impending ban on the trade in immitation Samurai swords and now the threatened ban on deactivated guns.

Richard Littlejohn has a go at Britain's ever increasing physical, cultural, spiritual, intellectual and academic no-go zones.


Anonymous najistani said...

First they'll come for THE JEWS .

4:06 PM  

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