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First and foremost, the most significant thing you can do is stop buying their oil. Get rid of your car or make the switch to a non-mineral oil alternative. Avoid buying goods from Muslim countries. On a local, personal level, do not frequent Muslim-run businesses (they don't really want your custom anyway). Let your wallet do the talking.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Iran warns of ‘dangerous’ Barbie dolls

"Barbie dolls are having “destructive” social and cultural consequences in Iran, the country’s top prosecutor has warned."

An Anatomy of Surrender

"Motivated by fear and multiculturalism, too many Westerners are acquiescing to creeping sharia."

Bruce Bawer at City Journal succinctly summarises the Western government and media elite's suicidal love of appeasement at any cost.

Hizbollah builds up covert army for a new assault against Israel

"Hizbollah has embarked on a major expansion of its fighting capability and is now sending hundreds, if not thousands, of young men into intensive training camps in Lebanon, Syria and Iran to ready itself for war with Israel. 'It's not a matter of if,' says one fighter. 'It's a matter of when Sayed Hasan Nasrallah [Hizbollah chief] commands us.'"

"'The villages in the south are empty of men,' said one international official. 'They are all gone, training in Bekaa, Syria and Iran.'...posters showing young men killed in training exercises are cropping up. One is of Ahmad Hashem, killed while instructing recruits in the use of rocket-propelled grenades."

In Al-Guardian, no less. I can only assume they think they're aiding Hizbollah's recruitment efforts.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Algeria passport veil ban protest

"Muslim Scholars in Algeria say a government ban on pictures of veiled women in passport photographs runs counter to Sharia law."

Yes, we should all be allowed to wear disguises in passport photographs - you know it makes (Islamic) sense. Why bother with a photograph at all? Why even bother with a passport?

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Darfur deaths 'could be 300,000'

"An estimated 300,000 people may have died as a result of the Darfur conflict, the UN head of humanitarian affairs John Holmes says."

But don't worry, the UN is still on the case:

"...the UN-African Union peacekeeping force for at less than 40% of its mandated level of 19,555 and it is very unlikely to achieve full-operating capability before 2009."

Good job.

Jemima Khan receives death threats from Muslim extremists

"Jemima Khan has received death threats from Islamic extremists for supporting a Muslim group which preaches tolerance of other religions.
The group has received death threats by phone and email that are intended for all members involved in the organisation and it has been reported that one even referred to Mrs Khan by name."

Tolerance of other religions? Can't be having that; got to be worthy of death threats.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Muslim call to adopt Mecca time

"Muslim scientists and clerics have called for the adoption of Mecca time to replace GMT, arguing that the Saudi city is the true centre of the Earth.
A prominent cleric, Sheikh Youssef al-Qaradawy, said modern science had at last provided evidence that Mecca was the true centre of the Earth;"

Modern science, eh? Well, there's no arguing with that.

Police have foiled 15 terror plots in Britain since the 7/7 London bombings

"Fifteen planned terrorist attacks in Britain have been foiled since the 2005 London bombings, Met chiefs said today."


Friday, April 18, 2008

'Non-Muslim' father banned from London pool

"A father has described his anger after he and his son were refused entry to their local swimming pool because they weren't Muslims.

“I arrived at the pool to discover that they were holding what staff described to me as 'Muslim men-only swimming’,” he said."

Reuters "cameraman" killed in Gaza

More Palestinian/Reuters fauxtography. This is why you can't trust anything the media says when it comes to Israel.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Concerns over funding of Islamic studies

"A closed meeting called by the Higher Education Funding Council for England (Hefce) about Islamic studies will take place today amid fears that Saudi and Muslim organisations exert too much influence over UK universities as a result of donations that dwarf government funding.

Private donations, mostly to Islamic study centres, are much greater than government funding for Islamic studies and academics are said to be nervous of the threat to their academic freedom."

Saudis purchasing UK universities?

Monday, April 14, 2008

Britain monitoring 30 terror plots

"There are 2,000 individuals who are being monitored. There are 200 networks involved and 30 active plots."

Only 2000 individuals? Sounds optimistic. Nothing to worry about. Probably Buddhists -they've taken a violent turn recently. Certainly can't have anything to do with Islam - the EU president says so (the Islamists would disagree but what do they know?).

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Children Told they are Dogs during Mosque Visit

"A primary school in Amsterdam wished to provide its pupils with an understanding for other cultures. But during a visit to a mosque, the children were told they were dogs."

By the chairman of the mosque, no less. I trust this visit contributed to their understanding of Islam.

Muslim sex offenders may opt out of treatment

"Muslim sex offenders may be allowed to opt out of a prison treatment programme because it is against their religion, it has emerged.

The Prison Service's Muslim advisor has said there is a "legitimate Islamic position" that criminals should not discuss their crimes with others."

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Anti-homophobia books removed from schools

"Story books designed to discourage children from bullying homosexuals have been withdrawn from two primary schools after an outcry from predominantly Muslim parents, a council said yesterday.

The books were removed by Bristol City Council after parents complained that the anti-homophobia programme was not appropriate for many pupils and had been introduced without consultation."

Because sometimes homophobia IS appropriate and shouldn't be discouraged. One can imagine how this would have played had bigoted, fascistic, homophobic Christian parents raised a complaint.

Ben Elton: BBC scared of Islam jokes

"The BBC is too scared to make jokes about Islam, the comedian Ben Elton has claimed.

Elton, who is also a scriptwriter and author, accused the corporation of being too concerned with political correctness for not allowing jokes about imams but allowing ones [about] vicars.
"There is no doubt about it, the BBC will let vicar gags pass but they would not let imam gags pass."

No doubt. But let's face it, their fears are not ill-founded.