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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Algeria passport veil ban protest

"Muslim Scholars in Algeria say a government ban on pictures of veiled women in passport photographs runs counter to Sharia law."

Yes, we should all be allowed to wear disguises in passport photographs - you know it makes (Islamic) sense. Why bother with a photograph at all? Why even bother with a passport?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hahahahahahahaha... this reminds me of an ONU conference held some years ago, where the female afganistan's delegation all wore burka and on the identification cards, had their pictures wearing burka... It could be a camel underneath that no one would have notice... I vote for that, lets ban the passports and documentation... now on, I get to the custom and inform my name and they must believe me.... or at least believe them, for being such good God followers...

6:26 AM  

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