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First and foremost, the most significant thing you can do is stop buying their oil. Get rid of your car or make the switch to a non-mineral oil alternative. Avoid buying goods from Muslim countries. On a local, personal level, do not frequent Muslim-run businesses (they don't really want your custom anyway). Let your wallet do the talking.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Turkish gay group will fight ban

"A leading Turkish gay rights group will fight a court ruling that ordered it be closed for "violating morality"."

Modern and moderate. Hurry up with that EU membership.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Prison officers fear that Muslim inmates are taking over control

"Staff at a top-security prison appear frightened of category A inmates and are concerned that Muslim prisoners are taking control of the wings, according to an internal review."

MI5 fears jihadis will use mentally ill as suicide bombers

"Islamic terrorists may be targeting mentally disturbed or disabled people in Britain in a bid to form a new “brigade” of home-grown suicide bombers, security officials fear."

Mental illness is a prerequisite for all Jihadis.

Exeter explosion: 'bomber' Nicky Reilly was sent text of encouragement - from the fifth column members who made the bombs, presumably.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Man remanded after 'urine' attack

"A man has been remanded in custody charged with spraying urine at two supermarkets, a pub and a book shop.

Sahnoun Daifallah, 42, of Bibury Road, from Gloucester, appeared before magistrates and pleaded not guilty to four charges of contaminating products."

I wonder just how much of this is going on unnoticed.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Islamic world urged to stand against Western-style human rights

"Secretary of the Human Rights Headquarters of Iran's Judiciary Mohammad-Javad Larijani called on all Islamic states on Thursday to stand against the Western-style human rights.
He explained, "Tehran's strategy is to conform international commitments on human rights to the Islamic concepts and then enforce them nationwide"."

Sounds good.

Synagogue walls daubed with anti-Jewish graffiti

"Hackney council is removing the graffiti, which consisted of 40 pieces of writing."

Probably just kids acting on what they've been taught at school. We can only imagine the outcry if a mosque had been vandalised.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Malaysian woman can leave Islam

"A religious court in Malaysia has allowed a Muslim convert to leave the Islamic faith, in what is being hailed as a landmark ruling."

It's a shame that this should be news-worthy. It's Friday - expect protests. Her life is now at risk.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Foreign criminals work at airports unchecked

"Thousands of foreigners are being allowed to work in high security parts of Britain's airports without passing proper criminal record checks, it was disclosed last night.

Despite warnings that terrorists would try to recruit people working "airside" in terminals - with direct access to aircraft and baggage - no attempt has been made to check whether foreign workers have committed any offences abroad.

The vetting process checks only for crimes committed in Britain. Foreign workers - arriving from inside or outside the European Union - are not checked in their country of origin."

So incredible, it's difficult to believe. Further evidence of our suicidal stupidity. If you're a terrorist and you're wondering if you should rush to bring forward your plans, don't worry, no changes will be made to this policy for the foreseeable future.

Update 09May08 - Bail for Islamic preacher Qatada - is it any wonder they have such a low opinion of the stupid kuffar. It's unlikely he'll skip bail - life in Britain is just too sweet.

Update 16 May 08 - Afghan hijacker 'working at Heathrow'.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

UN teacher by day - Islamists' chief bomb-maker at night

"By day, Awad al-Qiq was a respected teacher and headmaster at a United Nations school in the Gaza Strip. By night, he built rockets for Islamic Jihad.

The Israeli air strike that killed the 33-year-old last week also laid bare his apparent double life and embarrassed a UN agency that has long had to reject Israeli accusations that it has aided and abetted guerrillas fighting the Jewish state." (Thanks to JR)

Hardly a surprise. Probably the tip of the iceberg.