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Monday, June 23, 2008

Young Muslims 'are turning to extremism'

"Extremists are winning the battle for the hearts and minds of Britain's young Muslims, a disturbing police report warns.

Increasing numbers have become so alienated from mainstream society that they could even lend their support to jihadi terrorism, the study claims."

Still nothing to worry about.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

even if u dont post this, atleast read it. hey man. u muslim hater. i dont hate u man. u think what u wanna think. u been affected by the "jihadists" blowing themselves up. they not muslim man. suicide isn't allowed. u are only allowed to harm armed enemies in combat. blowing urself up kills mostly civilians. these "muslims" dont know nothing about their religion. u should think about that man. this is really a religion of peace man. the idiots in afghanistan are giving us a bad name. do u think i should use the KKK in my view of christians? NO man. The KKK was a hate group that said they were following their religion. thats what the terrorists are. Stop hating. u dont know nothing about this religion. when u actually figure it out, ull see that it isn't that bad. all the posts u got here are about ignorant muslims who do things in the name of their religion. they dont even know what their frking religion is. i suggest u stop this hate group. it might grow into actual violence, and buddy, real jihad will bring out ALL of the muslims. We WILL defend ourselves for a just cause. The truth is that if someone is trying to kill u just because u muslim, u can kill him. Dont start violence bro. Peace is the answer.

5:09 PM  

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