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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Muslim sues Tesco for 'making him carry beer'

"A Muslim worker is suing Tesco for discrimination after being asked to transport beer on his forklift truck.

Mohammed Ahmed claims he was in eff­ect forced from his job because managers ref­used to accept that handling alcohol offended his beliefs."

And, in a similar vein: Muslims oppose Tesco booze bid - "More than 150 people have signed petitions imploring Luton Borough Council to deny the new Tesco Express in Bury Park an alcohol licence.

The bid from the supermarket giant has upset Muslims living in the area, some of whom say they find the idea of alcohol being sold offensive."


Blogger Rickibirder said...

It's such an obvious formula: keep pushing at the edges and testing the waters by taking offense and marching people or organisations or businesses into court and changing our laws to give them more and more dominion over us and our way of life. It's a kind of professional "always offended" guild, the means by which they wish to eventually control the rest of us.

I would never have considered writing this six months ago as it sounds terrible. However I have concluded that we cannot live together and that these people mean to savagely oppress you and me and destroy reason and rationality. The only solution is to first destroy all mosques in our countries and round them all, yes all, up and ship them out of our countries even if they're kicking and screaming and attempting to attack us. This sounds like something against many of the freedoms which we hold dear, but these people will take those freedoms away from us, so removing them is the lesser of two evils. We'd better do it real soon or we wont be able to. I'm ready to raise the pitchforks on this one, as our governments are hostage to PC and a storm is coming.

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