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Friday, April 03, 2009

Musician ordered out of West Bank

"A Palestinian youth orchestra director has been told to leave a West Bank refugee camp by security officials amid a row over playing a concert in Israel."

The whore would be in trouble for a number of reasons (is she dead yet?):

1. attempting to foster understanding - we can't have that
2. suggesting The Holocaust may actually have happened - we certainly can't have that
3. she's a woman
4. there are girls in the orchestra
5. they're playing European instruments
6. music is fundamentally unislamic

Here's the punchline:

""She used innocent children to carry out a political agenda," Mr Assidha said, according to Reuters.

"Instead of taking them for recreation, she took them to participate in a day to commemorate the Holocaust. She exploited the children in an ugly way.""




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